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Fractured Sands
Desert Quest Editor
The Desert Quest Editor provides all the tools you need to easily build rich and compelling maps for Desert Quest. Challenge your friends and family with puzzles of your own design, or enter our online map building competitions for a chance to have your map included in one of our official map packs!

With the Editor, you can easily create new quests, add, re-order and rename maps in those quests, and - of course - edit the maps themselves. Place any of the full range of tiles and objects found in the Game into your maps, control start and finish points, the required number of jewels, the available time, hints, and more! Grow the size of your maps in any direction to accommodate larger and more involved puzzles, or leave them at the default dimensions for a more casual experience. The choice is yours!

Test our the quests you create in the convenient side-by-side gameplay preview pane, or link your quest storage location in Desert Quest and hop on over to play your custom quests in the game itself! Amaze and entertain your friends with the uniqure challenges you create simply by sharing out your quest files - they can play them directly in the game, even if they have not purchased the Editor!

Want to get really creative? Check out the included development guide for information on how to perform advanced customizations such as modifying the texture set, game backgrounds, help files, and even the quest credits! These customizations cannot be made directly through the Editor, but the guide provides clear examples for how you can make such modifications to the quest files you create. Such modifications may not be for everyone, but they provide a much broader range of options to those who are interested - Desert Quest could easily become Forest Quest, Jungle Quest, or pretty much anything imaginable!

Good luck building! We're excited to see what you create!

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