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Fractured Sands
Desert Quest
Desert Quest is a puzzle game that puts your problem solving skills to the test, presenting you with a series of unique maps in which you are forced to exercise your logical reasoning, flex your memory, and push your spacial awareness to its limits!

As is the case with any game, the ultimate goal is to have fun. On the surface, you play as a turtle, collecting jewels as you make your way through the desert. Push blocks, build bridges, navigate mazes, avoid critters, and get to the finish point before time runs out! If it is you preference to simply take the game at face value and play it for what it is - a game - well, that is completely fine with us!

However, if you are interested in the underlying mechanics, then beneath the surface what we are doing is challenging your brain in numerous areas ranging from problem breakdown to logical ordering, resource management, spatial awareness, short term memorizational capacity, optimization, logical prediction and extrapolation, partial information planning and reasoning, event timing, and more!

Problems are presented in many forms, and while they all pull from the same core set of building blocks, they are combined such that every problem poses a unique set of challenges. It is our hope that beating each level will bring you a sense of satisfaction at having overcome a new and interesting problem.

Please enjoy!

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